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Fish Pen Planting Collins Lake Thursday

  • TN
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    November 14, 2017 4:03:16 PM PST

    Thursday at 11/16 10AM we will be planting the fish net pens at Collins lake. It is usually a great time for the kids to help. They will be shuttling buckets of small trout out to the pens for us to feed and raise them all winter. Hot chocolate and ice cream for the helpers. Should be fun.
    Here is the Collins Lake post:
    ATTN Trout Anglers. We will be filling all 12 net pens with 2,400 lbs of trout this Thursday 11/16 and are looking for volunteers who would like to join us on a bucket brigade to move them from the DFW truck to the net pens. These fish will be raised all winter and will be released in March & April 2018 once they have grown to about 2 to 2-1/2 lbs in size. We will meet at the Collins Lake park office at 10am. These net pens are a joint effort of Collins Lake, DFW, non-profits Kokanee Power and C.I.F.F.I. to enhance the trout fishery at Collins Lake.