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Police State

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    October 21, 2017 12:38:01 PM PDT

    2Grands, Cleanup, do not read this.


    To me government has three powers. Corporate, taxing and police.

    Corporate powers grant monopolies, patents, authority, licensing, division of duties, zoning, inspections.

    Taxing powers raise the money to pay for the corporate and policing effort.

    Police power includes, for my understandig, the education of citizens.


    I get the impression that police powers in Caliofornia are limited to finding the quilty party and throwing them in jail.


    2Grand, Cleanup, I tell you again, don't read this.


    To me, Yuba government concentrates on police powers and has only a bare glimmer of the corporate and taxing aspects. Correction. Include ALL California government.


    Why are there so many people in California jaisl? Why is Department of Corrections empowered to operate "chain gangs"?


    2Grands, Cleanup, you were warned twice, but you read this anyway.