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Food, personal items, animal feed. Loma Rica Community Church

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    October 14, 2017 4:49:00 PM PDT

    From David Rice at Loma Rica Community Church: Hi everybody we have received a tremendous amount of donations of food and clothes. We are now running out of room and need to ask for people to hold on to donations for a few days so we can see where need is and so things don’t go unused or wasted. We have no room for refrigerator items and have lots of personal items we need to find homes for.
    Thanks for all your support we will know the situation better in a few days. I have been asked about making cash donations and that can be done to victims personally if you want or we can receive them at the church and place in our benevolence fund to meet needs. Those who give should write “fire benevolence “ in memo line. Those funds will go exclusively to meet needs of those who houses have burnt in the coming days, weeks, and months as the need arises.
    Please copy and post this so everyone knows where we are at. Thanks for all the donations given. We will keep you posted on needs as they come up.

    From Bart Young at Collins Lake: Ok. Calvary Chapel at Marysville Rd and Dry creek are still taking donations. If they are getting full they probably can still take them at evac centers in town if anyone can check. Fire dept thrift shop told me to concentrate on the churches and local centers before them for now.