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Updates on local fires

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    October 10, 2017 10:47:55 AM PDT

    Congressman Garamendi has provided links to websites that have updates of fire information.

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    October 10, 2017 10:49:01 AM PDT
    News from Representative Garamendi

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    Dear Friend,
    As you know, the Cascade Fire in Yuba County has forced some mandatory evacuations. Here are helpful links to keep track of the latest news about the fire:
    Immediate, real-time updates are available from Cal Fire's twitter account: 
    Here is Cal Fire's website with the latest updates on the Yuba County Fire: 
    If you have not already signed up for emergency alerts through Yuba County, you can do so here: 
    Updates about evacuation orders and shelters are available from the Yuba County Office of Emergency Services: 
    Here is a full list of emergency services in Yuba County, and their contact information: 
    A shelter is open at the Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds at 442 Franklin Avenue in Yuba City, and the shelter is accepting large animals. Here is a list of items you should pack if you plan on staying at the shelter:
    Family emergency plan
    Important paperwork, such as medical cards, insurance papers, and a list of medications, to name a few
    Emergency kit, stocked with a flashlight, battery powered radio, extra batteries, and backup batteries for your cell phones
    A change of clothes, toiletries, medications, pillows, blankets/sleeping bags
    Diapers, formula and other supplies, if you have an infant
    Kennel, leash, food, special toys, if you have a pet
    If you are residing in an area that is under an evacuation advisory and not a mandatory order, please take this time to pack your belongings and be prepared to evacuate if necessary. 
    I will continue to post updates on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Please stay safe and comply with all evacuation orders. 
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    October 10, 2017 2:56:29 PM PDT
    from the website ""
    A Code Red message will include the following:
    Reason for evacuation
    Area to be evacuated
    Safe evacuation routes
    Where evacuated residents can go for assistance
    How to stay informed
    Call back number for additional information
    Evacuation orders will also be sent to local and regional media, including radio and television stations, and will also be posted on the County’s Facebook page and issued via Twitter. During an emergency, tune into the following radio stations for updates:
    KSTE 92.5 AM, KFBK 1530 AM, KGBY 92.5 FM, KKCY 103.1 FM, KMYC 1410 AM, KUBA 1600 AM, KMJE 101.5 FM 
    The County encourages residents to develop a Family Emergency Plan to arrange for transportation and sheltering needs in an emergency. During an emergency, the County will activate a transportation hotline for those who need transportation: (530) 749-7701.