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The Classics

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    September 4, 2017 6:45:34 AM PDT

    The Forbestown Mountain Library has had a very generous donation of the Harvard Classics!  We want to thank the donor, and invite those of you who have a taste for classic literature to come enjoy these marvelous books with us!  

    Also, check out our great history section!  Some of the books we do not lend out, but you are welcome to come and read them between the hours of noon and five on Fridays. 

    And of course, we have nearly 5000 books available for lending to any resident of Butte, Yuba, Plumas, Nevada or Sutter counties.  Just bring us your ID, current phone, email (if you have one) and you're ready to check out a book!

    Charles Lynds Community Center, New York Flat Road, Forbestown, CA