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Florida car crash fatality

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    July 2, 2017 12:44:56 PM PDT
    Recent crash in Florida highlights several issues.
    1.  Running the green.
    2.  Medical support, or lack of.
    3.  Reporting crashes that involve celebrities.
    The New York Times article By MALIKA ANDREWSJUNE 30, 2017 includes a partial copy of the police report of the crash.
    A version of this article appears in print on July 1, 2017, on Page D6 of the New York edition with the headline: Venus Williams Faces Wrongful-Death Suit.
    1.  A question of law.
    Is the law consistent from state to state in regards to who has the right of way in an intersection? The way I read the report is that vehicle one, V!, had entered the intersection on green, but was delayed by unforeseen traffic in the northbound lanes. The signal changed to red while V1 was already legally in the intersection. Vehicle two, V2 then entered the intersection from the east going westbound at about 30 MPH.
    My understanding is that a vehicle that is already in the intersection has the right of way and the entering vehicle is responsible for checking that the intersection is clear before entering.
    2. What type of medical support is required in a crash?
    From what is reported, the injuries were to occupants of the entering car. The occupants of V2 were injured. At the hospital, medical care concentrated on injuries below the neck. About two weeks later, one of the injured died from brain injuries. What degree of medical support should crash victims receive?
    3.  This crash would most likely not have made even the local evening TV news. let alone the prestigious New York Times. except for the celebrity status of the driver of V1.  V1 was driven by a tennis star.
    Which raises the question: should the effort be to fix the blame? Or should the effort be to fix the problem?
    One problem that I see is that as a society we do not do enough to prevent deaths from vehicle crashes. Another problem is that as a society we do not do enough to reduce the losses from crash. Faster supervised medical evacuation. Energy absorbing vehicles and roadsides.
    If it is left to the lawyers, I feel that the person with deep pockets will be found at fault and will be severely punished. Both financially and personally. End of story.... next!
    If it is left up to government, government will "cover the smoking hole". Meaning that government will whitewash any involvement in road design or medical support or driver education. There will be no investigations as to the application of law or review to determine corrective action. Emphasis will be on reporting that government followed all the laws and standards. No comment of the applicability of the law or standard. Stonewalling in the name of protecting citizens from frivolous law suits.
    Richard Boyd


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    July 8, 2017 7:17:18 AM PDT
    Question: How does this even relate to our Yuba Foothills area to be in our Community watch Forum? I thought this Community Watch forum is so we all can communicate about local concerns. To help us watch out for each other? A heads up forum? To say hey there is a local problem that concerns my neighborhood?
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    July 8, 2017 7:22:26 AM PDT
    It is an important topic DickBoyd, because it could happen it a community near us.