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Future Farmers of America

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    June 11, 2017 1:23:32 PM PDT

    The question of Governor Brown not funding FFA was started by coolbreeze in the thread on representsion.


    What is the future of farming?

    Food factories? Greater mechanization? Fewer people? Greater production? International competition?

    What do city people know about farming? What should they know? Who is going to educate city people on the importance of farmers? What if the future of U.C. Davis? What is the future of U.C Davis Foothills Research Station?

    I would like to see more information on soil horizons. Permeability, porosity, harvesting water.

    I would like to see more effort on understanding pollination. Bees? Insects? Bats? People?

    I would like to see more research on cow digestion. Henry Smith's haylage, for instance. I would like to see more people with a time horizon of ten to sixty years. Emphasis that I see is what will the bottom line be next quarter. Forget about depleting resources, make money now and move on. So far, the political response has been the gavel and sit down and shut up.

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    June 11, 2017 4:17:02 PM PDT
    FFA is about young people learning hands on about ranching, farming, and all else to do with the beginnings of our country. Period.