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Mountain Lion in Loma Rica - Pizza Round-Up Area

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    April 18, 2017 6:12:54 AM PDT

    This morning (Tuesday 4/18) at 5:15am one of our security cameras picked up a mountain lion walking down our shop road.  We're in the area of Kimberly Road & Dennis...about 3/4 of a mile south of Pizza Round-Up.

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    April 18, 2017 8:58:56 AM PDT
    Thanks Eker - good info. Could you tell anything about the size?
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    April 18, 2017 1:21:05 PM PDT

    Near Kimberly & Dawn.
    Hoping you can help spread the word. We had a mountain lion kill one of our goats last week. He also attacked a horse over near Fruitland. Based on our observations he has no real fear of people. We filed a report with DFW and have a permit to kill the lion. Again he is dangerous and will likely to continue to prey on livestock. I won't go running anymore in the neighborhood.
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    April 18, 2017 2:18:31 PM PDT

    Here's a zoomed in photo...the ML was just barely in the range of the camera.  When we watch the entire clip you can see that it's clearly a mountain lion.