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Sutter Emergency Care

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    March 3, 2017 10:48:51 AM PST
    Sutter has announced a change of hours for its Urgent Care on Plumas Street in Yuba City.
    Why? The policy is that anyone who shows up before closing time will be served. Which means the people working there have to stay until the work is done.
    So what? Well, to me, the so what is how much the people working there are paid. If closing time means go home time, then no big deal. But if closing time means an hour and a half of unpaid overtime, then it becomes a big deal not only for the health professionals working there, but also for recruiters. The people who are enticing other people to go into health care work. Mismatched closing time and leaving time is difficult when determining costs.
    People going into a profession want to know the working conditions including hours of duty.
    My experience has been in engineering solutions. Industrial engineering. How to make systems work and work better. A continuing process.
    What tasks are performed at what time and by whom? How to match the task, the time and the person doing the work. Plus, explaining to the public the reasons behind the decision. Also, what are the work arounds, the alternate sources of medical care?
    Apparently, Sutter is matching real world to what is expected. As constrained by the amount of money.
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    March 3, 2017 11:10:21 AM PST
    You are overthinking things.
    Staying open longer is making financial sense.
    The ER is open 24/7. There are other clinics in town with late hours.

    Bottom line? Sutter Health doesn't take much of the low-income clientele and traditionally charges more than other providers.
    As far as paying employees, some are hourly and some are salary. There are many, many jobs where people put in more than the shift for which they are paid. Most medical providers including the some of nurses work extra trying to get paperwork, prescription refills, and other stuff caught up.
    BTW - the Feds changed the billing codes and added about 10,000 new categories. If you don't code properly, you don't get paid in a timely manner. This means our providers are spending more time doing paperwork and documentation for our government than spent on interaction and care for patients.

    The hours are being curtailed because they don't want to lose money.
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    March 3, 2017 6:56:29 PM PST
    One of the Understandings of going into the medical field is that overtime comes with the job, which means so does the pay to match the over time. I've never heard of a medical professional not getting paid over time. I've heard a lot of discouragement and complaining about it, but if there is a medical need and the person stays past normal work hours, they get paid for those unless a contract states otherwise.