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BEWARE PayPal Phishing SCAM

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    February 27, 2017 11:27:31 AM PST

    I just got an email today that looked like it came from PayPal asking me to verify my personal information. The heading reads: important messages regarding your paypal account.
    (Notice the first word of the sentence is not capitalized and messages - plural - is bad grammar as there is only one message.)

    Another red flag is that it was addressed to Dear Member. Paypal says "Our emails to you will always address you by the first and last name or the business name you registered with on PayPal."

    Another suspicious item was the senders email address: service @ All valid PayPal email messages I've ever gotten have the address: service @

    The email then follows up with a threat to get you to take action:

    If we don't receive a response by February 28, 2017, We're sorry , your account will be permanently restricted (Notice bad grammar and sentence structure: We're is capitalized in mid sentence and there is no period at the end.)

    If you get one of these, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you click the VERIFY NOW button in the email. If you do and sign in with your PayPal password (clicking the link in the email takes you to the scammer's immitation PayPal login page!), you just gave the scammers your PayPal password. In that case you should change your PayPal password right away.

    I am an experienced IT professional and was almost taken in by this scam. I hope this will prevent any of you from falling for it.