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Syrian Muslim refugees to resettle in our area

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    February 2, 2017 11:10:05 PM PST
    Now if I could just spell thourouly correctly.
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    February 3, 2017 8:28:05 AM PST
    Wolf said:
    loraine said:
    Ms quietwolf is being paid by someone to try to devastate my Yuba foothills. Don't know who her employer is but I am SICK OF SEEING HER POSTS.

    You keep saying this but you obviously haven't blocked her.  Just do it already and get it over with,

    Nope, I blocked her and it only stops her from private messaging me. It does NOT block her from posting.

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    February 3, 2017 9:54:43 AM PST

    Kellyanne Conway's invention of an imaginary massacre in Bowling Green single-handedly created two million fact-checking jobs, the Labor Department reports.




    The lying hate from Conservatives/Republicans continues on.



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    February 3, 2017 10:06:22 AM PST
    Equally "sad" that we're all stuck here in Yuba County and on this forum with the Soros whore and village lunatic, quietfool.
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    February 6, 2017 10:07:25 AM PST

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    February 6, 2017 10:22:41 AM PST
    They were from LaLaLand. Not all murderers are Muslim. Some have no religious affiliation at all.
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    February 6, 2017 10:30:43 AM PST
    I guess if we have some loons in our midst already then, using quietwuss' logic, we should invite even more to be here. After all, we're seeing how that's worked out in Europe and Australia.
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    February 6, 2017 6:24:30 PM PST

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    February 6, 2017 6:37:04 PM PST
    Quietwuss is back to multiple postings of nonsensical madness. Poor girl has some serious issues. I wonder if she got kicked out of the military or wasn't allowed in so she's bitter? This country is terrible but she won't leave. I hope we have Republican control for at least 8 years just to torment her.

    This implosion is entertaining as heck.
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    February 9, 2017 11:00:26 AM PST


    Hey Donald J. Trump, that's terrible how Nordstrom has treated Ivanka. Weirdly, though, I'm still a little more worried about this Syrian refugee.








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    February 10, 2017 5:13:50 PM PST
    What Does Islam Teach About Rape and Adultery?

    Why are rape victims often punished by Islamic courts as adulterers?

    Under Islamic law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses.

    Women who allege rape without the benefit of the act having been witnessed by four men (who presumably develop a conscience afterwards) are actually confessing to having sex. If they or the accused happens to be married, then it is considered to be adultery.
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    February 11, 2017 12:25:12 PM PST
    The same thing Christianity does, especially if you have ever enjoyed looking at naked women/men, lusted after someone, hated someone etc.
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    February 11, 2017 12:37:58 PM PST
    Sorry Wolf, can't agree. Women here, even Christian. women are not considered adulterers.
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    February 11, 2017 3:10:22 PM PST
    Wolf said, "The same thing Christianity does, especially if you have ever enjoyed looking at naked women/men, lusted after someone, hated someone etc." Wolf you are totally and completely wrong. Christ did not teach any thing remotely akin to what Homestretch wrote about Islam. Obviously you do not know the teachings of Christ or you would not confuse the actions of some of those that break the commandment with the teachings of the commandments. Christ did not condone adultery by either the man or the woman, nor did he teach it as being alright. Nor did He teach it was alright to teach it was alright for someone to kill someone that did not believe in Christian doctrine. Some people who call themselves Christians may do things that are wrong, but this is not in the teachings of Christ. Christ taught the 10 Commandments, tolerance, love and forgiveness, a very distinct difference between Christianity and Islam.
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    February 11, 2017 4:08:08 PM PST
    Christ taught, from his own words, if a man hates someone or is a man lusts after someone they were just as guilty of rape or murder and were to be held accountable to the law just as anyone else. Christ made it quite clear even the Thought condemns us.

    We are instructed in the Bible to bash our children's heads against the stones if they do not follow God's law.

    The point being 1) Christianity is just as severe and soaked in blood as extreme Islam is. Yet growing up in a nation where Christianity has enjoyed a majority presence those aspect of our spirituality have been closeted and left unexamined or we have become more "Civilized" in enacting the penalty for such behavior.

    Women in and out of Christianity, in both secular and religious settings are still often treated as if they are to blame or somehow responsible for being raped, or somehow at fault in many DV cases. It is still commonly held rape upon men is a Myth or believed if a man is raped he is somehow deserving or weak for not preventing it (Any rape crisis center will enlighten you on those statistics).

    Give me any spiritual path, even Buddhism, I can show you they are steeped in violence.

    It isn't a spiritual issue, it is an issue of how we view our fellow man outside of a religious setting and interact with them appropriately. Not excusing any violence, we just can't cherry pick without ourselves subjecting ourselves to the same criteria and be willing to take our lumps.
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    February 11, 2017 5:33:36 PM PST
    Who would you rather have live next door to you, your wife, and your daughters? A "Christian Extremist," or a Muslim Extremist?
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    February 12, 2017 11:29:56 AM PST
    They are both the same so I would say none of the above because I have had contact with both and find both equally destructive and distasteful, deceitful and close minded with a drive to shed blood at the drop of a hate. The more dangerous one in the Christian Extremist because they don't stand out, they have grown up among us whereas the Muslim extremist is more easily recognizable because they are not Christian and because society focuses on difference they become the easy target because they are "Not one of us" so while we expend all our energy chasing them, the acceptable extremist is given free reign to operate with impunity and a level of tolerance not afforded to the Islamic Extremist. Both are equally vile, but one is more acceptable and tolerate because they are like us and harder to identify.
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    February 13, 2017 5:19:00 AM PST
    Sorry, but only a fool would choose muslim. Haven't heard of any christians beheading any children lately.
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    February 13, 2017 2:19:46 PM PST
    A Muslim man who married an 8-year-old girl did more than just violate her by marrying her - he brutally raped her to death.

    According to reports, the incident occurred in Yemen and involved a 40-year-old man who forced an 8-year-old girl to marry him. The day of the wedding, the man began to rape the little girl. She was later found dead due to sexual trauma resulting from internal injuries.

    While many human rights organizations have called for the man to be arrested, nothing has come of the incident yet and the man remains free.

    "This is the way they treat your young children especially your daughters and you want these monsters in the country you need your heads examined. They are not a peaceful people and never will be . Wise up America and get with it get them out of our country now," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page in response to the story.
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    February 13, 2017 9:30:21 PM PST
    coolbreeze said:
    Sorry, but only a fool would choose muslim. Haven't heard of any christians beheading any children lately.

    Beheading or molesting, either one is vile and Christians are just as guilty of one as they are the other.  Both are equal in my book.

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    February 14, 2017 5:53:08 PM PST
    Wolf, instead of misquoting the New Testament you should read it and then compare to it to the Koran. You will find that Christians condemn both of those practices, but the Muslims condone it.
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    February 14, 2017 6:29:23 PM PST
    Quietdolt and woolf, only 95 more months of Trump...Man,you guys are going to be in tatters, you'll be shattered, doomed to ill health, mental and physical by then. What a sight to see. What a way to live. Feel sorry for you both. 95 months, 95months.whew!
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    February 15, 2017 7:07:17 PM PST
    Don't feel sorry for me, I could care less who is in office because it will result in one of the following out comes whoever is there.

    1) and 2) 4 or 8 year Term
    3) Impeachment/Resignation
    4) Death Natural/Man made

    Whatever result I have no control over so whatever the end result of the time in office it's not my concern. The end result will be it will eventually end. How it does so is not up to me. And since I sleep just fine whatever the outcome. I'll invest my time in the country and not the man/woman.
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    February 15, 2017 7:10:07 PM PST
    Depiez, so what your telling me is the Christian Church has never engaged in any of those activities under the guise or mantel of religious authority, clergy etc?
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    February 15, 2017 9:59:27 PM PST
    Depitz and before I forget again I didn't misquote. I direct your attention to the following:

    Matthew 5: 26 (Christ speaking) But I tell you that a man who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her." The text is also very specific on what to do about it (i.e. if a body part sins cut it off. Hand, eye, etc. and he goes on to explain if it doesn't happen that way the whole body will go to hell). Translates the same in the Greek and Latin as well as the English.

    Later on he also describes the act of divorce as an act of adultery (except in the case of unfaithfulness). Both instances Adultery was dealt with by stoning. In our present day we just go our separate ways even though we are instructed not to.

    In the same verse we are also instructed to not swear oaths, ANY oaths to any one because by doing so we are carrying out the will of the "Evil One. Again, very clear here evil one being Lucifer, Satan or whatever fancy name you want to give him.

    Yet, we as a Christian people/Nation do all the no's here all the time which goes against our own sacred writing, and the New Testament which means we can't even say "Oh, well that was the old covenant which no longer stands." To pour salt in the wounds further, Matthew 5 is the Beatitudes, written very plainly and straight forward but again we cherry pick and twist those to how we WANT them to read instead of how they really do. Which also applies by the way to the same part in that chapter which speaks to "Love your enemies and using Christ/God as the model for living our lives. Not one Christian I have ever met in over 50+ years of living has ever lived up to even half of these including people here. Which isn't a big deal for me until people start pointing fingers at other people saying they are bad, they are evil and haven't even addressed their own evil and short coming in their own lives or can say they are any better, by the standards laid down by their own sacred texts and trinity which says they are not. In fact their evil is so extensive it killed their own God and still the people's mindset and behaviors did not change. All it did was change a calendar from BC to AD. So, don't ever pull the religion card on me because the Christian Church is so steeped in blood of innocents it's sickening and a wonder God hasn't just removed it from the face of the earth once and for all with all the other major religions.
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    February 16, 2017 3:39:21 PM PST
    I think the message trying to be delivered is Christ preached love and tolerance. What I have read/learned about Islam are things like it is okay to marry underage girls, beat women, etc.
    Now, I'm no religious expert by any means.

    I do agree that many crimes and atrocities were committed in the name of Christianity - that's not the message that Christ delivered.
    I don't know if man has twisted the message of Islam/Quran or if the violent acts we hear attributed to it's teachings are true.

    Does anyone here know?
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    February 16, 2017 9:15:29 PM PST
    I think it depends who you ask. The Catholic and Protestant who are both Christians interpret the scriptures much differently. Main stream Islam's message is different from that of the Taliban or Isis. The extremist violence overshadows the main interpretation of war being an intellectual war (one of education and knowledge being the key ways to better the world) but again it depends on who you ask. Are our Scriptures handed down by God, or written by man? Big difference to how you approach the faith.
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    February 16, 2017 9:19:11 PM PST
    THANK YOU for having a civil discussion on such a controversial topic. I appreciate that.
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    February 17, 2017 7:38:26 AM PST
    Wolf, the Protestants and the Catholics do not interpret the New testament differently on the questions of killing, child molestation or the ten commandments, nor do you find it supported by the New Testament, the law we are under today. You have confused the Old Testament, the Law of Moses with the Beatitudes, the law from Christ. Christ fulfilled the old law. Two different books and two different laws. Now to the original question of who supports the atrocities by quoting their scriptures, the New Testament or the Koran?
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    February 17, 2017 8:19:22 PM PST
    I'm not getting into a debate with you over the interpretation of scripture as those type of debates are endless. Was St. Augustine a Christian? An man of the church who advocated beating women out of "Charity" for their soul. A church both in the Catholic and Protestant form which forbade women from practicing medicine, saw women as evil and unclean and weaker then men, more susceptible to the devil and sexual desire etc. All of these were supported by scripture and accepted openly. History shows how brutal the church was to heresy, yet it accepted these practices with open arms and supported them with scripture. Children were inscripted into the armies of the Baron with the blessings of the church, Muslim children, women and innocent men and non muslim as well were killed, raped and sold into slavery at the blessings of the church back by scripture. Learn your church history. Today, Priests who have molested children are concealed by the Catholic church against prosecution, supported by scripture. Non Catholic churches are just as equally guilty of this, but because of the absence of the confessional seal they don't get the attention because the assumption is 1) Catholics are not real Christians and 2) The absence of a confessional seal means the church and clergy have nothing to hide because everything is out in the open.

    But enough of a church history lesson. Read your church history and church development and show me where I am wrong, that Christian scripture can not be and has not been interpreted to support these practices.
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    February 18, 2017 3:11:31 AM PST
    That was THEN! Isis is NOW!!! big, big difference. Wake up, man, you're living way in the past. The vikings aren't around either, you know. Your post is of no merit by today's standards.
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    February 18, 2017 9:05:26 AM PST
    Wolf, you are right evil things were done in the past by some Churches, but the big difference is all of the evil you wrote about is now being done by one church and it is condoned by that church. So, are saying since some Christians did this centuries ago to some Muslims it is alright for some Muslims to do it to some Christians now.?
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    February 18, 2017 11:03:01 AM PST
    Really, you believe there is no more molestations or sexual abuse occurring in the Christian church today (Catholic or otherwise)? If that is the case then I have severely misjudged your critical thinking ability. I am not excusing what SOME Muslims do to Christians. What I am saying is when we start pointing fingers at others there are at least three others pointing back at ourselves so we better be prepared to be put in our place because our sense of being better than anyone else is an illusion.
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    February 18, 2017 12:18:07 PM PST
    People use the "name of the religion" for their good or their evil. It all comes down to the individual person. If we do not comply with the evils of the world, which is very hard for all of us, the world today will be a better place. Thank you all for the discussions. You all have points to ponder.
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    February 19, 2017 4:15:20 PM PST

    You spew hatred and racism, you're going to get it right back. 9-11 (or 7-11 as the dumb Orange One Trump calls it) was the result of Bush#1's sending Americans to die for greedy U.S. Oil.



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    February 20, 2017 8:48:02 AM PST
    Wolf, you are ignoring the question of which church condones these things, that is by their theology? Is the Catholic Church excusing or condoning any of these acts today? Also, are 15 to 25% of the Catholic Church or Protestant, members doing or even more condoning, these atrocities? That is the big difference and that is why there must be vetting of all immigrants to this country.
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    February 20, 2017 11:31:23 PM PST

    Meanhwile, all you God-fearing Christians:




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    February 21, 2017 9:37:54 AM PST
    Ah, yes, more cartoons. You are what you do? Oh, well, lol.
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    February 21, 2017 6:25:22 PM PST
    Hey troll, your lack of IQ is showing again.
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    February 21, 2017 7:00:36 PM PST

    Hey quietputz:


    Here's another article on EXACTLY what trump spoke of in his recent speech. He wasn't lying; the people feeding you information (you know, the one's that you are too stupid to question - yeah, those) and the lamestream media have been ingoring the facts.


    "In an amazing ironic twist, just hours after President Donald Trump linked rising violence in Sweden with their mass migration policy, refugee riots broke out in the suburb of Rinkeby, where many immigrants and refugees live.
    The riots – where cars were overturned and set ablaze and shops were looted, were in the Stockholm suburb that witnesses said “looked like a warzone.”
    Local media is reporting that police retreated to a nearby gas station after being forced to fire warning shots in the air as groups of around 30 thugs pelted them with stones.
    “Our officers were attacked by a number of people, some of them masked, who threw stones. They felt under so much pressure that a shot had to be fired,” said police spokesperson Lars Bystrom.
    In the unrest, which began at around 8:30 pm after a man was arrested next to Rinkeby metro station, a pedestrian on his way home was beaten and robbed, and a press photographer was hospitalized after being attacked by a group of around 15 people.
    “I was hit with a lot of punches and kicks to the body and head, and spent the night in hospital”, the Dagens Nyheter photographer said.
    The riots continued late into the night, with police reporting looting of shops and cars set on fire.
    “I’ve witnessed turmoil and civil unrest before, but this is something else. It looks like a war zone here”, said a freelance journalist working at the site of the clashes with state television outlet SVT.
    Swedish police Sergeant Peter Larsson told Breitbart: “The violence against us in the police and the paramedics and firefighters, has become much worse. We’re talking about stone throwing, violence, fires. It has become much worse in recent years.”
    Following Donald Trump’s comments, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said he was “surprised” by Trump’s comments, saying that “I think also we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly, and for verifying any information that we spread.”
    Swedish officials are desperate to portray their country as a peaceable country, whose migrants are assimilating peacefully – but nothing could be further from the truth."



    You're such a blind idiot quietpuss.....


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    February 22, 2017 8:56:05 PM PST
    Would you please comment on President Clinton's comments in 1995 about only allowing immigrants in legally and the illegals deported?
    Or how about Secretary Clinton around 2005 echoing the same comments including stating there was a need for "barricaded areas"?

    Now that Trump is doing something it's racist?

    In all sincere honesty, you really should evaluate the people you follow. I'm not so naive to think everything Trump will do will be to my liking. I do know that he wants America first and our own citizens to succeed. Stop blindly following. You own party is the one keeping people down.
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    February 23, 2017 10:55:58 AM PST
    Hey troll, I would normally post this, the site address, but I know you would not go there so I will post the article here and on all of the sites you pollute.

    Sweden Democrats: Trump was right

    Published February 23, 2017

    Trump was ridiculed by many after he gave a speech Saturday citing Sweden among a list of European countries affected by the scourge of Islamic terror. Referring to the massive number of Middle Eastern refugees that have poured into the country, Trump said Sweden was “having problems like they never thought possible.” Some Swedish politicians openly derided Trump’s portrayal of the country – but riots in a heavily immigrant suburb of Stockholm on Monday evening put an end to most of the mockery

    Two leading Swedish politicians have a message for President Trump’s critics: He’s right.
    Per Jimmie Akesson and Mattias Karlsson, both leaders of the Sweden Democrats, penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Wednesday supporting Trump’s characterization of a Muslim immigrant-led crime crisis in Sweden.
    “Mr. Trump did not exaggerate Sweden’s current problems,” Akesson and Karlsson wrote. “If anything, he understated them.”
    “Riots and social unrest have become a part of everyday life,” Akesson and Karlsson wrote. “Police officers, firefighters and ambulance personnel are regularly attacked. Serious riots in 2013, involving many suburbs with large immigrant populations, lasted for almost a week. Gang violence is booming. Despite very strict firearms laws, gun violence is five times as common in Sweden, in total, as in the capital cities of our three Nordic neighbors combined.”
    They added: “Anti-Semitism has risen. Jews in Malmo are threatened, harassed and assaulted in the streets. Many have left the city, becoming internal refugees in their country of birth.”
    The Sweden Democrats duo ended the op-ed with a warning for the United States.
    “For the sake of the American people,” Akesson and Karlsson wrote, “with whom we share so many strong historical and cultural ties, we can only hope that the leaders in Washington won’t make the same mistakes that our socialist and liberal politicians did.”
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    February 23, 2017 5:35:38 PM PST


    Still waiting for your answer or comment to the following: 
    Would you please comment on President Clinton's comments in 1995 about only allowing immigrants in legally and the illegals deported?
    Or how about Secretary Clinton around 2005 echoing the same comments including stating there was a need for "barricaded areas"?

    Now that Trump is doing something it's racist? 

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    February 24, 2017 9:33:36 AM PST
    I think quietscat burned herself out with hatred of the USA. Serves her right, she really belongs elsewhere, if anywhere.
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    February 24, 2017 1:05:08 PM PST

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    February 24, 2017 4:21:30 PM PST
    I see your living up to your name, quietpuss. You refuse to comment or answer questions about those you support while questioning others.

    What you're too stupid to understand is no one thought Trump would do everything right. He just won't sell out Americans like your party.
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    March 20, 2017 6:11:48 PM PDT

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    March 21, 2017 9:13:17 AM PDT
    Hey troll, I see you are adding to your vocabulary. You have confirmed what everyone knows about you with your latest post, profanity is the efforts of the feeble minded to express themselves forcibly. You have said picture 1, terrorists, picture 2, Democrats longing for the good old days.
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    March 21, 2017 7:09:48 PM PDT
    In all fairness to QW no political party was mentioned except by you.
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    March 22, 2017 10:59:58 AM PDT
    Quietpuss? Fairness? They don't go together. You must be one of "them". That makes about 3 of you here in the foothills.....not a clue, huh? Hard top get a grip on life, huh? Read more, experience real life in all it's beauty and hard work. Curious about you you work? Are you satisfied with your lot in life? What makes you people tick? Hard to understand when the answers are right in front of you, how you people tend to follow the reverse of common sense. What gives? How do you people think so strangely? Did something happen as a child? Were you born or aquired this way? So many questions about you people. When answers are squarely in front of you.....why fight it. You just lose all aver again every time you post such foolish thoughts.