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Plan A - $12.95/mo - Sign Up

With Plan A, you get a page in the business directory where you can enter an overview of your business, provide contact information, and display a map to your location.  In addition to your page, you can use a username that represents your business.  That means even when you are not in business mode (like that ever happens) and you are on the site, your name is getting out there.  It's great exposure, for a low monthly fee.  

Plan B - $19.95/mo - Sign Up

You get everything in Plan A plus the ability to add photos, polls, and promote your business in the advertisers forum /classifieds.  

Plan C - $24.95/mo - Sign Up

This baby's fully loaded! You get everything in Plan A and B, plus the ability to add videos, and promote your business events in the events calendar. In addition to all of that, we rotate your business through our prime banner ad spaces!