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Ok folks, lets help county snag this burglar. This toyota pickup, 8Z15550-ca, was parked on Sandy at Marysville Rd, by Ray Bradly's, this mornig 7/12/2015 @ 05:30hrs. It was unoccupied, warm with the hood up-a fake distraction. Cellphone and other personal equipment including burglary tools in the wide open cab and in truck bed. Nobody in immediate area. County Sheriff notified. On a separate occasion, two days prior, both male subjects as described above in original post were observed in white Chevy extended cab slow casing area. Lets come together here neighbors, protect our interests, be vigilant and prevent further incidents. Remember, its our property and our obligation to protect it. We can ask the sheriff for help as needed too. Burglar Boys-- assuming you can read, know we're watching. Think twice before coming to visit us.

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